India being a developing nation needs large number of talented engineers in all streams. However the current school education system has become more mug-up and how-to-get-more-marks oriented which does not inculcate the required engineering acumen in the aspiring students. As a result, many students graduate in engineering without the necessary fundamentals to become a successful engineer, except some jobs in IT sector. That is why most of the international surveys indicate that 90% of engineering graduates from India are not employable in the fields of core engineering. On the other hand, after the "Make in India" initiative by Government of India, there will be a huge opportunity in core sector by the year 2020. Hence it is important for the engineering aspirants to enhance their analytical and problem solving skills along with developing the engineering aptitude at the high school level itself.

To pursue a career in engineering a student needs two important things:

  1. Qualify in the Joint Entrance Examination with a good rank to get admitted into a reputed institute like IITs, NITs, or other engineering colleges.
  2. For the next 4 years, he/she should focus on deeper understanding of the fundamental engineering concepts rather than getting more marks in the examinations.

In Silicon we have experienced that students with good CGPA (even with a university gold medal) sometimes fail to qualify in GATE (an entrance examination to pursue M.Tech in engineering in NITs and IITs) examination, whereas students with less than 8 CGPA have qualified for GATE and IES (Indian Engineering Services) examination with good ranks. Engineering is not a bookish course. Success in an engineering career does not necessarily depend on examination scores.

Silicon Institute of Technology started an initiative to help the aspiring engineering students with a unique School Connect program named "Techno-Zeal" in 2012. Under this program, Silicon organizes seminars, short term courses, symposia, technical events, and competitions both in and outside the campus for students of class XI & XII. The main objective of School Connect program under Techno-Zeal is to enhance the analytical and problem solving skills of higher secondary students and imbibe an aptitude for engineering before they choose to pursue engineering career.

We invite Class XI & XII (Science) students to register for School Connect program for getting guidance and assistance from the expert faculties and mentors. This directive is not only for "how to crack entrance examination" but also to increase their analytical skills & technical aptitude through various activities at their schools and in our campus. Silicon Institute of Technology will facilitate the registered students with the following activities.

  1. Lecturer series on Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry by expert teachers.
  2. Online mock test series for JEE Main and Advanced entrance examinations
  3. Participation in the various workshop on
    • RoboQuest: An hands on practice workshop on robotics
    • Circutica: Workshop on computer simulation for Electrical & Electronics Circuits
    • Enhance your programming skills: Workshop for computer programming
    • Host Yourself: Workshop on webpage designing
    • IOT: Know about Internet Of Things
  4. Counseling by senior professors for your career in engineering.
  5. Preference in admission for the best students in Silicon Institute of Technology.

The registration is 100% FREE for the students of XI/XII Science. The registered students will be communicated through their registered e-mail addresses and mobile numbers for various activities conducted in institute campus and at selected schools around your place of stay.