Guidelines for Course Registration

Summer Internship Program for ( 1 st Year B.Tech/ 1 st Year MCA/1 st Year MSc-DS/2 nd year LE)

Note: Read all the instructions carefully before registering for the course.
  1. The courses will be floated tentatively between 9th Aug-2021 to 5th Sept-2021.

  2. Detailed schedule of the courses will be declared on or before 15th July- 2021

  3. A student can register for any ONE course from the list.

  4. Students having basic knowledge in C and aspiring to become good coders are advised to opt for “Problem Solving & Data Structure using C” or “Java Programming”.

  5. The courses will be offered subject to required batch size enrollment.

  6. A processing fee of Rs. 200/- extra will be charged to the student in the event of change of course registration.

  7. Cancellation of registration is not recommended except under exceptional circumstances, which has to be approved by FIC (IICELL). For cancellation of registration before 2 weeks of the course commencement, only 50% of the course fee and/or residency fee will be refunded. For no-show during the course there will be no refund of fees applicable.

  8. Outstation students may opt for ‘Residency Program’ option by paying the Residency Fee. Accommodation with food plan (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) will be provided.

  9. There will be provision of a payback system on paid course fees for the top performers in each course.

  10. IICELL (Industry Interface Cell) will share the resume of the students to all prospective placement drives and coordinate their future placement opportunities.

  11. For any issue regarding registration kindly contact the IICELL members:

    • Dr Sanjit Kumar Swain-FIC IICELL (9437284114)
    • Rupa Kanungo- IICELL Member ( 9937327592)
    • Aruni Nayak – IICELL Member (7381080818)